Custom (adj): \ˈkəs-təm\ made or performed according to personal order

Delanie Ford has been designing garments for years, she graduated from Mount Mary College  in 2002. She immediately opened her own studio locally in Whitefish Bay.  After 6 years, she moved to Milwaukee's trendy 5th Ward, and focused her designs on Weddings. 
Delanie designs her collection for the discriminating bride ... knowing that each bride is looking for a gown that is sophisticated and elegant, reflective of her own personality.

Delanie uses her talents and creative energies into each design to achieve a combination of modern elegance and sophistication.  Each piece is locally made by hand in her home design studio using luxurious fabrications, couture techniques, and quality workmanship.

Delanie Couture understands that each bride wants to be unique, adding her own special touch or tradition, from a special color, family heirloom, or fancy shoe!  We will work with you to incorporate all the details to make a personalized gown just for you, or your bridesmaids.

Contact for a consultation to see if custom design is a fit for you!